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Seewinkel region - the Pannonian Lowland

From a geological point of view the „Seewinkel”-region, meaning the flat area east of Lake Neusiedl, belongs to the Pannonian Lowland, the so called “Puszta”. The landscape is originally characterized by poor vegetation (treeless, steppe like), but with the climate being continental the area has been cultivated and is now known as one of the finest wine-producing regions in Austria. Nevertheless, if you wish to get an impression of the developments and progression of this region, a visit to the “Hutweide” close to Apetlon is recommendable.

The inhabitants
The vineyards
landscape at the lake
lighthouse at Podersdorf

The microclimate is mainly determined by Lake Neusiedl, a steppe like lake with only 1,50meters water depth. It is almost entirely surrounded by reeds, which are home to a wide range of flora and fauna. For those who are interested, please visit the nationalpark’s information centre (Informationszentrum “Nationalpark Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel”).


Mönchhof is situated between three National Parks: The National Park Donau Auen, the National Park March Thaya Auen and the most famous one, the Nationalpark Neusiedler See. They are all reachable within a half, or one hour with the Car. Two interesting Sites: www.birdexperience.org and www.birdforum.net . For Contact to local birdingpals take a look to www.birdingpal.org/Austria.htm .  

As mentioned above, the Seewinkel region is one of the most important wine-producing regions in Austria. Originally by the Romans, and later on by the Cistercians, main parts of the area have been cultivated and the regions products like red wine (e.g. Pannobile) and ice wine (e.g. Kracher) are known not only to experts.

There is also a wide cycle path network, which, leading you often very close to the vineyards, allows you to explore the Seewinkel region in your own time and tempo.

The Puszta
A break...

If you want to enjoy the touristic part Lake Neusiedl has to offer, a trip to Podersdorf, the place to be if you are passionate about windsurfing, is a must. Apart from the lake, you can have a swim in Apetlon’s bathing pond and, just a five minute car-ride from Mönchhof, in Gols’ open-air swimming pool (Aquasplash Gols).

If the weather is bad or you just wish to relax and calm down, enjoy wellness-treatments at the spa St. Martinstherme or the Kneipp cure resort Marienkron.


Other cultural highlights close to your accommodation at Ferienhaus Burgenland are Mönchhof’s very own open-air village museum (Dorfmuseum Mönchhof) and Schloss Halbturn, a castle close to Mönchhof (Schloss Halbturn). To get more information on tourist attractions and other places of interest the Seewinkel region has to offer, please have a look at Neusiedler See Tourismus.